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Everything You Didn’t Know Regarding Ultrasound Therapy in Managing Sports Injuries.

Ultrasound therapy is commonly used by physiotherapists in easing the pain for the patients. The number of illnesses which can be managed through this manner are many including people who have sports injuries. There are various athletes who experience spasms, muscle tightness, inflammation and also strains. When it comes to ultrasound therapy, it causes quicker healing and the patients will be more agile not to forget flexible.The ultrasound machines have a small crystal which vibrates at a faster rate the moment the machine is turned on. It is the vibration which leads to the creation of piezoelectric waves which come from the ultrasound transducer and they will be the ultrasound waves. The machine is usually used with a special kind of a gel. The operation of the machine is in a circular motion on the place it is placed at. Ultrasound therapy involves the waves penetrating the tissues. The waves will stop inflammation, prevent the formation of scar tissue, reduce swelling and even increase blood flow.

The machine settings make it possible for the physiotherapist to adjust how intense the treatment will be and also the depth.Nevertheless, the changes are not done at every appointment. Changes are made based on the healing process and condition in question. The energy and also intensity coming from the machine are measured through watts. Too high watts signify stronger waves.The watts can be anywhere from 0.3 to 5. Even if the patient has an open wound this form of therapy is still possible. The physiotherapist will also use a topical medication in reducing inflammation to hasten wound healing. This is termed as phonophoresis.

The ideal session for ultrasound therapy can be between 5 and 10 minutes.It all depends on the size of the area. For faster results a lot of athletes choose to carry on with the procedure consistently for about 2 weeks. If the objective is to remove scar tissue, the sessions have to go on for a longer time. When it comes to ultrasound therapy it can be because of deep heating or non-thermal. A popular type of ultrasound therapy is the one pregnant women are taken through and it is usually diagnostic in nature. The therapists are able to see deep inside the body tissues. This process is only possible through high-frequency waves. They lead to the creation of a picture of certain tissue due to their fast movement.They are used in determining where the pain is and what is causing it. You can click here for more information on the same.